Continuous deployment production environments; built on Docker, CoreOS, etcd and fleet.

Paz is an in-house open source service platform
with a PaaS-like workflow.


Service Directory

A catalog of your services and their configuration (e.g. environment variables, data volumes, port mappings and number of instances to launch).


Scheduler receives HTTP POST commands to deploy services that are defined in the service directory. A history of deployments and associated configurations is also available from the scheduler.


Orchestrator ties all of the other services together, providing a single access-point for the front-end to interface with. Also offers a web socket endpoint for realtime updates to the web front-end.

Web Front End

A beautiful and easy-to-use web UI for managing your services and observing the health of your cluster. Proudly built with Ember.


Paz uses Confd to dynamically configure HAProxy based on service availability information declared in Etcd. HAProxy is configured to route external and internal requests to the correct host for the desired service.

Monitoring and Logging

Currently cAdvisor is used for monitoring, and there is not yet any centralised logging. Monitoring and logging are high-priority features on the roadmap.

Videos are available on YouTube: LNUG Container Camp

Contributors & Crafters

Paz is made & maintained by a bunch of awesome people, from YLD and the internet.

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